What Do You Know About Ottawa Fluoridation


the City of Ottawa puts a chemical in our tap water they call Fluoride?
that Fluoride is the negative ion of the element called Fluorine?
that Fluorine is the most dangerous chemical on earth, much more than Chlorine?
that putting Fluoride in the water is called fluoridation?
that it’s NOT used for making the water more drinkable?
that Fluoride does not purify water?
that it’s claimed to be done to prevent tooth decay in children?
that there’s no real proof of that last claim?
that fluoridation actually damages teeth?
that it has many, many health risks?
that it actually causes and aggravates many illnesses?
that most doctors and dentists don’t know any of the above?


Most medical professionals believe there’s nothing wrong with fluoridation!

Why is that? They’ve never been taught anything else from their medical schools and their Professional Associations make sure it stays that way.

Why? Have you ever heard the expression: Follow the money?

It’s all about profits, perks, prestige and keeping one’s job!


In the beginning, before fluoridation, Aluminium, Steel and other metals processing, and, producers of Uranium and fertilizer products had two big problems from the fluoride gas emissions going up the smokestacks of their factories. Please read “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson for more background on this part of the fluoridation history!

First problem: They were facing huge lawsuits from townspeople, workers, ranchers, farmers and fruit growers who were being poisoned or whose crops and cattle were all dying or being made sick by the smokestack fluoride gas emissions.

Second problem: Being forced to collect the fluoride gas emissions in a process called wet scrubbing, they had to find a way to dispose of what was now an industrial toxic waste that could not be dumped anywhere in the ground or in any waterways and especially not in the ocean.

The answer came to these industrialists by way of water fluoridation. But how did they come to that solution? It was discovered that in some southern part of the U.S. a report had come to light that few dental patients had tooth decay, but that they also had pitted teeth and brown stains on their teeth. They were known then as mottled teeth. After some research, it was found that fluoride in the water, calcium fluoride (CaF2) in that case, was the cause of this condition. As a result of this finding, it was afterward called dental fluorosis

What was not mentioned was that the water also contained trace amounts of other minerals later found to be useful in reducing tooth decay. Also not mentioned: the patients being treated were those that could afford dental services, not the poor and the less well nourished people in the area. Nutrition, proper oral hygiene and genetic predispositions are the real factors that affect tooth decay. Lack of fluoride has never been proven to can an increase tooth decay, and fluoride ingestion has never been scientifically proven to reduce tooth decay. Claims that there are hundreds or thousands of studies and research that show that fluoride reduces tooth decay are disinformation at best and fraudulent at worse.

From this discovery, the industrialists thought up a way of getting proof that adding a fluoride chemical into the water supply could be good for preventing tooth decay. This would solve both of their problems. After all, if it’s good for teeth, it can’t be bad for health, ranchers, farmers, fruit growers and factory workers. They devised a ten year experiment where they would fluoridate four cities and keep another four non fluoridated for comparison. These came to be known as the fluoride trials.

Before even five years into this experiment, they declared the experiment a success and began fluoridating more and more cities everywhere in North America. They could now sell their industrial toxic waste at a profit to water treatment facilities as tooth medicine, ignoring the fact that this was an unethical medical use of the water supply: everybody gets medicated whether they need it or not, no choice, no medical oversight, no follow up for possible side effects or long term (chronic) adverse health effects.

Because these industrialists had a lot of money and influence, they were able to place their supporters in key government and professional association positions to help convince the people and the medical professionals that fluoridation worked, was good for children’s teeth and that it was a great medical achievement. What they did not reveal was that they had manipulated the data from their experiment to prove what they wanted to prove. They also hired the most prominent and successful advertising specialist of their time, Edward Bernays, to promote the water fluoridation scheme across the U.S. and Canada, and voilà! we have fluoridation.


Meanwhile, many people suffer from the adverse health effects of swallowing this fluoride, the negative ion of the element Fluorine, with every glass of water, and, with every gulp of juice or other beverage and every bite of food prepared with tap water. All foods, juices and beverages prepared with tap water will contain Fluoride in them. You also indirectly or sometimes directly swallow some fluoride with fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwashes and rinses, and whenever you get fluoride treatments at the dentist. But, fluoridation uses hydrofluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6)!

This hydrofluorosilicic acid that Ottawa puts in its tap water has no toxicology studies and no safety tests for use in tap water and invariably harms infants and children more than adults. It’s a water additive that is not used to treat water but to treat people, to treat tooth decay. Does that not then qualify it as tooth medicine?

Another problem with fluoridation is that it costs us money, lots of it. First we pay to have our water purified to make it drinkable. Then we pay to have this highly hazardous industrial toxic waste put into it. How stupid is that for an assumed benefit that does not exist? Many of us have to pay to purchase pure water to prevent health issues caused by having this toxic waste in our water. Then there’s the money many parents have to pay for repairing the damage done to the teeth of their children caused by the Fluoride in the water and every thing they eat, drink or wash with. The cost has been conservatively estimated to be as much as $20,000 by a reputable Toronto dentist: the dental profession supports fluoridation and could cause him to loose his licence to practice dentistry if he publicly speaks out against fluoridation. In the U.K. it has been estimated to cost approximately ₤35,000 for a lifetime of dental repair from dental fluorosis.

It is estimated that about 5% of the population have serious health complications from this fluoridation. That’s about 50,000 people in metro Ottawa. Is that fair? It is now well known by reputable scientific researchers and journalists that many health conditions are aggravated or even caused by swallowing fluoride chemicals with our water, food, beverages, health products and washing with it: dental and bone fluorosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, lowered IQ, diabetes, DNA harm, kidney failure, fertility problems and more. Here’s the bigger problem: the vast majority of people don’t know this and even many of those that you tell about this won’t believe you. So, we need to step up and make the change happen. We have the research, they don’t in spite of their claims that they do. We’ve asked for their research for decades and none has been given out. Just vacuous endorsements and empty endorsements. We know the truth! We need to spread the truth.


We need to get the City to stop putting any type of fluoride in our water. You need to write to your City Councillor and say that you want fluoridation stopped. It’s the dumping of an industry’s toxic waste passed off as tooth medicine that does not work. Most of them believe what our misinformed Medical Officer of Health tells them about fluoridation. They don’t realize what’s behind his statement that fluoridation is safe and effective. It’s only safe if you don’t swallow any of the fluoride and it’s only effective in causing or aggravating illnesses. We have to stop this dangerous, reckless, wasteful and useless practice that’s ruining many people’s health and helping to wreck our health budgets by putting an unnecessary extra burden on health costs. We need to make our protest loud and clear. We need to make this right! We need to do this starting now.

ADDENDUM: contributed by Alice, a fluoridation cessation advocate from Toronto.

Did you know that Ottawa public health officials don’t work for the Ottawa public? They work for the province.

Did you know that the province assumes, but legally lacks, the authority to cause adverse effects of fluoride to children?

Did you know that you cannot file a complaint about your provincial MLA or the Minister of Health and Long Term Care for giving false information about the safety and legality of fluoridation to your elected municipal reps?

Did you know that your elected municipal reps have all the liability for breaking the Safe Drinking Water Act, but no authority to hold the province accountable for advising them to break the law by fluoridating the water with HFSA?

Please write your Councillor about this today and once a month from now on.
Richard Hudon, President Fluoridation-Free Ottawa (on Facebook)

One more thing: Please donate $10, $20, $50, $100 or more to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa. Please go to our web site and click on the Donate button.

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Fluoridation Is Meant To Treat Tooth Decay

Promoters of fluoridation clearly claim that fluoride chemicals are put in the water to treat tooth decay, a disease, therefore it’s a drug: anyone denying that fact is just plain ignoring the reality of the definition of a drug.

By putting a fluoride chemical in the water supply that everyone has to drink and can’t avoid other than at great cost, it becomes mass medication, 100% of the population are targeted with the drug. However, only children are the expected beneficiary of this medication, less than 17% of the population. That’s wrong. Arguments that even non children’s teeth also benefit are the worst misrepresentations ever made akin to out and out lies

Ask a pharmacist, if there is any drug:
a) where you don’t control the dose?
b) that can be given to everybody?
c) not requiring individual supervision?
d) that does not have FDA approval?
e) not requiring monitoring for side effects?
There are no published government data on acute and chronic side effects of fluoride because they refuse to do them. If you don’t look, you don’t find. The absence of research is not evidence of absence of harm.

Toothlessness from tooth decay is highest in the states that are the most fluoridated; just look here: http://www.statemaster.com/graph/hea_ora_hea_los_of_nat_tee-health-oral-loss-natural-teeth.

The sky is not going to fall when fluoridation stops, but tooth decay and dental fluorosis will as well as a large number of other illnesses like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, cancer, and the list goes on and on.

Hasn’t anybody else noticed that as we’ve polluted our water and the rest of our environment, illnesses of all kinds have been on the increase over the past 6 decades? Well, in case you haven’t been paying attention, fluoride rates right up there as a major human and environmental toxin with Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Uranium238 found in the very chemical stew that this fluoride chemical comes in.

Councillors and the whole medical bureaucracy need to take their heads out of the sand and look around at the overwhelming evidence against fluoridation. It’s time to stop this nonsense, time to to stop believing senseless, ignorant, overpaid bureaucrats who refuse to look at recent research on the subject telling us myths and fables about what’s good for us.

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Fluoridation Initiated in Fraud and Deceit

The original purpose of fluoridation, based on my extensive research:

Fluoridation was initially invented for two major reasons hidden behind national security and prevention of tooth decay:
1. to hide the fact that workers in industries being poisoned and dying from exposure to this industrial toxic waste, thereby lowering the likelihood of lawsuits that were chipping away at corporate profits;
2. to turn the expensive disposal cost of this industrial toxic waste into a profit.

Please read investigative reporter Christopher Bryson’s brilliant expose of fluoridation’s origins in his book “The Fluoride Deception” in which he poured 10 years of research to produce.

Before water fluoridation was actually started, a group of greedy industrialists were concerned about disposal of their industrial toxic waste fluoride:
1. in an economical or profitable way, and,
2. to prevent any further lawsuits from chipping away at corporate profits.

The initial toxic chemical of concern was sodium fluoride, the waste from metals (steel & Aluminium) production and Uranium nuclear enrichment industry, which was poisoning all life within, and downwind from, the production plants.

This led to the second reason behind the push for fluoridation. They needed a way to cover up the disposal of their toxic waste.

They found it in the pretense of making it appear to be good in the prevention of tooth decay.

Somehow, they managed to turn waste disposal into a profit and disenfranchise lawsuits against damage from that same toxic waste.

Their answer was tap water (municipal water supply) fluoridation to prevent tooth decay, falsely demonstrated by fraudulent science.

Once we were all well baited on sodium fluoride (NaF), and it became more and more expensive and more difficult to obtain, there was a switch to more toxic, cheaper, fluoride chemicals, fluorosilicates: hexafluorosilicic (hydrofluorosilicic) acid (H2SiF6) or its salt sodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6). This is called a bait and switch tactic.

We can see how well it has become akin to a religious belief when you listen to the passion with which its promoters speak about it without providing any facts or science, how they even create fictitious and elaborate rationalizations for their belief in water fluoridation being good not just for teeth but also for health in general and for all ages…

The sheer stupidity of it all has become almost laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

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Fluoridation Fraud and Deceit Unveiled

I was recently inspired to write the following after much research, soul searching  and meditation.

The real purpose of the fluoridation of our drinking water has always been and remains until today:

Industrialists concerned about

      1.   disposal of their industrial toxic waste fluoride in an economical or profitable way, and,
2.   to prevent any further lawsuits from chipping away at corporate profits.

The initial toxin of concern was sodium fluoride, it was the waste from the metals (aluminium and steel) and uranium nuclear enrichment industry. This led to the deceitful reason behind the push for fluoridation. They needed a reason to cover up the disposal of their toxic waste and they found it in the pretense of making it appear to be good in the prevention of tooth decay.

Somehow, they managed to turn waste disposal into a profit and disenfranchise lawsuits against damage from that same industrial toxic waste. Their answer was tap water fluoridation.

Then they did a bait and switch from sodium fluoride to H2SiF6, hydrofluorosilicic acid, known also by many other names, synonyms…

Truly a most disgusting result of greed and deceit leading to fraud and illegality couched in the nicest language ever devised to cover the fraud and deceit…

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Fluoridation Deception Part 2

The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

When was the last time you stopped to think about the one thing you can’t live without?

I don’t mean the Internet or sex! I’m talking about water.

Without clean drinking water, life could not go on. This is why it’s so important that we know what is in our water. For the past sixty-five years, city governments nationwide have been adding a controversial substance called fluoride to municipal water supplies.

You probably recognize the word fluoride from the back of your toothpaste tube or from your visits to the dentist. But the fluoride added to our water is not the same as that in our toothpaste. The chemical added to our water is a fluorine compound called hexafluorosilicic acid that is generated as a by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

Phosphates are minerals that are used to make fertilizer, and phosphate mining industry is a giant moneymaker. Fluorides result from the production of fertilizers as well as in the manufacturing of steel, aluminum, glass, cement and Uranium enrichment for the nuclear industry. Previously, the lack of government regulation allowed gaseous fluorides to go up factory smokestacks and straight into the air. Anything and anyone living downwind would get poisoned by these fumes. Cattle and vegetation would wither and die from these gases. That’s why environmental regulations now require giant filtration systems called “wet scrubbers” inside the smokestacks to keep these toxic chemicals from escaping into the air. Fluorosilicic acid is condensed to a water-based solution along with all the other contaminants that result from the mining operations and is put into large cooling pools. They then ship this industrial toxic waste in special hazard tanker trucks, unrefined, having sold it to municipalities for water fluoridation.

By selling their fluoride waste as a product for this purpose, companies avoid  the huge cost of disposing of these chemicals in the environment safely in accordance with regulations. Back in the 1930’s, a band of industrial corporations, including Monsanto, U.S. Steel, Union Carbide, Reynolds, and the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) and ALCAN, the leading producers of aluminium, had been cheaply disposing of their fluoride waste, mostly sodium fluoride, into the environment for years. This changed when their toxic waste became the target of negative press and embarrassing and expensive lawsuits written up in the local and national news. A 1933 toxicology report by the USDA had warned of fluoride’s toxicity, singling out the aluminum industry as the biggest culprit.

The new potential of legal liability due to the exposure of workers and communities to industrial fluoride scared these corporations. Knowing that disposing of industrial fluoride waste safely was expensive, ALCOA employed biochemist Gerald Cox in 1936, to argue for fluoride’s dental benefits through experimentation on rats. The nuclear industry had their equivalent in Harold Hodge, a pharmacologist and toxicologist. Cox, neither a doctor nor a dentist, concluded that fluoride strengthened and protected teeth against decay and began to tour the country promoting water fluoridation on behalf of his employers. Interestingly, Cox’s findings ran contrary to the position originally held by the American Dental Association (ADA) on water fluoridation.

In 1944, the Journal of the American Dental Association published the following statement:

“We do know that the use of drinking water containing as little as 1.2 to 3.0 parts per million of fluoride will cause such developmental disturbances as osteosclerosis, spondylosis, and osteopetrosis, and we cannot afford to run the risk of producing such serious systemic disturbances…”

In spite of this warning by the ADA, Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first community to fluoridate its drinking water the very next year.

In 1947 Oscar R. Ewing, a paid attorney for ALCOA, was picked to head the Federal Security Agency.  In this position he oversaw the Public Health Service or PHS (which is now the Department of Health and Human Services). This enabled him to change the Code of Federal Regulations, and place all control of drinking water fluoridation in the hands of his own department. Making clear his lingering ties to the aluminum industry and their expensive toxic waste, Ewing made fluoridation promotion one of the first official policies of the PHS. Over the next three years, 87 additional American cities began fluoridating their water.

The study that is often referred to in fluoride’s defense was conducted by the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS). It sought to determine whether there was a relationship between fluoridation and tooth decay. Released in 1988, the multi-million dollar nationwide survey examined 39,000 U.S. school children aged 5-17 from 84 different fluoridated and non-fluoridated geographical areas.

Surprisingly, the study uncovered a declining trend in tooth decay rates in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas, mostly due to overall better hygiene. The overriding conclusion from the extensive study was that there is no relationship between tooth decay and fluoride ingestion. Despite this consensus, this study is still commonly cited to link lowered decay rates in fluoridated areas. A seldom-reported fact is that the same trend was found in non-fluoridated areas too.

Fluoride overexposure can bring serious health risks. The most common affliction due to over-consumption is called fluorosis, a condition characterized by a discoloration of teeth or changes in bone density. An excess of fluoride eats away at the enamel of your teeth, causing craters and surface discoloration. Dental fluorosis is the first clear and obvious sign that your body is being poisoned by too much fluoride, and cases can range from mild to severe. This occurs because only 50% of all fluoride taken in by the body is excreted. The remaining fluoride is disseminated throughout the body, accumulating in our bones, pineal gland and other tissues. In Karnataka, India, an excess of fluoride has turned the ground water into a slow poison, crippling at least 10,000 people.

The Director of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Dr D. Nagaraj, says that “due to fluoride concentration in water, many people in districts [in Karnataka, India] like Dharwad and Tumkur have spinal cord diseases. These are progressive diseases, after decades of consumption. People are battling with permanent disabilities.”

Alarmingly, a 1991 study by the U.S. Public Health Service found that the rates of osteosarcoma, a deadly type of bone cancer, were significantly higher in fluoridated communities than in non-fluoridated communities. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine found the same link in study done ten years later. Additional studies have associated fluoride ingestion with other serious health problems, including chromosomal damage, morphological changes to their kidneys and brain, hypo activity (or inactivity), damage to the thyroid gland, skeletal fluorosis, osteoporosis, liver cancer, and fertility problems.

The most distressing findings come from over 20 human studies done in China, India, Iran and Mexico that show a substantial lowering of IQ in fluoridated areas. The ingestion of fluoride has been shown to increase the gastrointestinal absorption of aluminum by over 600%, and the absorption of heavy metals like aluminum is known to have a direct correlation to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological brain disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s, ADD and ADHD. Although a direct correlation between Alzheimer’s disease and fluoride ingestion is still tentatively and relatively inconclusive, it is interesting to note that the rate of Alzheimer’s is twice as high in America than in Europe, where many countries have banned fluoridation. Also interesting to note is that the rate of increase of neurological disorders have increased with the increase in the prevalence of fluoridation in North America.

Many countries around the world are skeptical of the benefits of adding fluoride to drinking water. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and China have all recognized that water fluoridation is not a safe and fair practice.

In the U.S., if you want to find out whether you’re drinking fluoridated water, the first thing you can do is access your city’s fluoridation status on the Center for Disease Control’s website in its oral health section. Most cities in Canada that have web sites have some propaganda message about the claimed benefits of fluoridation.

If your water is fluoridated, it’s not a lost cause.  You can speak out in your community or at city council meetings to let your local representatives know your concerns.  To remove fluoride from your water you have a couple of options. You can equip your home with water filtration systems like those at Equinox or Burkey. Filters like Pur and Brita do not remove fluoride.  If you buy bottled drinking water, removes almost all fluoride: only distillation takes it all out.

If your city is planning to fluoridate you can stop it! Activists all over North America have successfully fought off fluoridation since 1987 and they’re at it again. There is still a chance to put a halt to the fluoridation process in your own city.

Whether or not you support water fluoridation, the real issue here is having a choice. No chemical, no matter what its supposed benefits are, should be forced upon the public without their consent.  Having access to clean water should be a fundamental right for every human being.

“Water is the lifeblood of our bodies, our economy, our nation and our well-being.” -Stephen Johnson. To continue with fluoridation of the water supply is criminally irresponsible and a reckless disregard for its effects on human health and the environment. Mass medication is not an option in non emergency situations.

After numerous attempts to get data from city officials proving the benefits of mass fluoridation, I kept getting referred back to either the respective city’s Medical Officer of Health or indirectly asked to look elsewhere. All fluoridation cessation advocates and activists have yet to find any legitimate website or group presence that irrefutably proves any benefits for fluoridation. Neither is there any information anywhere that irrefutably proves that there are no adverse health effects from water fluoridation. Lack of research is not proof of lack of harm. If you don’t look, you don’t find. And no government agencies in fluoridating countries are funding research in the possibility of adverse health effects from fluoridation.

As much as we would like to believe that our highly paid medical bureaucrats with all those letters after their names know what they’re doing and talking about in medicine, that’s not the case when it comes to that contaminated acid pollutant banned by the EPA used for water fluoridation. They all claim and repeat that: “it’s safe and effective.” Unfortunately, that’s a false claim based on lack of knowledge and misinformation in the case of water fluoridation chemicals that they disparagingly call fluoride.

With this most pertinent information, can anyone NOT see that fluoridation of the water supply is a blatant, illogical absurdity that has to stop? Please do something to stop the insanity of fluoridation. Please contact me today to find out how. Please write to your city Councillor and ask that something be done to stop fluoridation.

Based on an article by Abby Martin, mediaroots.org

Richard Hudon

To help us with our public awareness campaign, please contribute to the cause with a donation. Make your cheque, bank draft or money order to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa and mail or deliver it c/o 1385 Matheson Rd, Ottawa, K1J 8B5. Any amount will help or $10, $20, $50, $100 or more. Receipts for business purposes issued on request. Tax receipts not available: we can not get charitable status for tax purposes.

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Fluoridation Safety from Belief or from Science

The scientific and legal determination of safety is based on two types of research:
1. Animal studies (toxicology studies)
2. Human studies (randomized, controlled clinical trials are the gold standard)

Would it surprise you to know?

The actual fluoride chemicals used in artificial water fluoridation (silicofluorides H2SiF6 & Na2SiF6) have neither the required animal studies nor the required human studies to demonstrate safety. Until recently, there were NO TOXICOLOGY STUDIES available which examined the long-term use of these chemicals. There are now available two recently published toxicological studies (Sawan et al. 2010, Liete et al. 2011) that demonstrate health harm from the long-term use of these chemicals.

Would it surprise you to know?

The actual fluoride chemical used in artificial water fluoridation (usually hydrofluorosilicic acid) is used as a “medical treatment to prevent disease” according to Health Canada, yet it has never been regulated or approved by Health Canada. All other fluoride chemicals used for dental care are regulated under the regulations of the Food and Drugs Act.

“Health Canada does not regulate hexafluorosilic acid (hydrofluorosilicic acid) or sodium silicofluoride products, the actual products used in water fluoridation, which are allegedly used as a medical treatment to prevent dental disease.” Petition #299, Answer #3, to Auditor General of Canada

NO government approval = NOT SAFE
NO government regulation = NOT SAFE
NO safety studies = NOT SAFE
NO animal studies = NOT SAFE
NO safety studies = NOT LEGAL
NO animal studies = NOT LEGAL

It must be noted that the actual chemicals used in the Sawan et al and Liete et al studies mentioned above only used pure H2SiF6 chemicals used, not the actual industrial toxic waste chemical contaminant that comes to water treatment plants with all of its co-contaminants, including Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Uranium238 and other chemical and radioactive contaminants. Health Canada call this contaminant a “product” because somehow, finding a buyer willing to purchase this toxic waste somehow transforms it into a “product” in spite of being a pollutant banned by the EPA.

Magic – Contaminant becomes a product & tooth medicine

By selling the toxic stew that contains the hydrofluorosilicic acid to municipalities and water utilities as a water additive it somehow even becomes transformed into tooth medicine, which, like most pharmaceuticals, is riddled with side effects. It is now known that the Fluoride component of this toxic chemical stew is carcinogenic (Dr. Dean Burke & Dr. JohnYiamouyiannis 1976, Yiamouyiannis 1993, Elise Basin 2001, 2006, U.S. NRC 2006) and neurotoxic (Dr. Phyllis Mullenix et al 1995, Calderon 2000, U.S. NRC 2006). What do we know about the Lead, the Mercury and the Arsenic. Same problems as the Fluoride.

Yet they put all of that in your tap water and medical bureaucrats say that they believe that the chemicals are so diluted that they can not possibly cause any harm to your health. Empty assurances, but they are supposed to be the experts. Yet, they are neither toxicologosts, nor pharmacologists, nor neurotoxicologists with expertise in fluoride chemicals used in water fluoridation.

How can they then make such claims with such assurance. I don’t believe them for one moment, not after all of the research I’ve done, and neither should you or anybody else. They go on belief, not evidence, however, we are asked to take their vacuous statements from belief as evidence of lack of harm, as evidence of benefit to teeth!…

I don’t think so…

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Water Fluoridation Safety

Safety of water fluoridation by Declan Waugh – 2012.07.23

In the debate on the safety of water fluoridation readers may be interested to know the findings of a recent review of research published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (Volume 10 Number 2, 2005).

The review concluded with the following; “artificial fluoridation of drinking water by municipalities at 1 ppm of fluoride ion probably does not reduce tooth decay, except for a minor effect on deciduous teeth. Hexafluorosilicic acid (used in Ireland) and it’s sodium salts, which contain other toxic substances because they are not purified, certainly have no significant benefit.

Proponents of water fluoridation have censored most media, ignored intelligent discussion of fluoridation, slandered most opponents of fluoridation, and overturned legal judgements against fluoridation in a manner that demonstrates their political power. Many published studies that had conclusions favouring fluoridation were later found unsupported by their raw data.

There is evidence that fluoridation increases the incidence of cancer, hip fractures, joint problems, and that by causing fluorosis it damages both teeth and bones. Other medical problems may also occur, including neurological damage.” The review ends with this statement. “fluoridation of municipal water should cease.”

Ireland remains the only country in Europe that supports the mandatory fluoridation of public water supplies, the health statistics for Ireland would support the statements made in this published peer reviewed study in a reputable medical journal.

To continue to support water fluoridation in light of recent scientific evidence is noting short of criminal negligence.

Declan Waugh
11 Riverview
O Dohertys Rd
Co Cork

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