What Do You Know About Ottawa Fluoridation


the City of Ottawa puts a chemical in our tap water they call Fluoride?
that Fluoride is the negative ion of the element called Fluorine?
that Fluorine is the most dangerous chemical on earth, much more than Chlorine?
that putting Fluoride in the water is called fluoridation?
that it’s NOT used for making the water more drinkable?
that Fluoride does not purify water?
that it’s claimed to be done to prevent tooth decay in children?
that there’s no real proof of that last claim?
that fluoridation actually damages teeth?
that it has many, many health risks?
that it actually causes and aggravates many illnesses?
that most doctors and dentists don’t know any of the above?


Most medical professionals believe there’s nothing wrong with fluoridation!

Why is that? They’ve never been taught anything else from their medical schools and their Professional Associations make sure it stays that way.

Why? Have you ever heard the expression: Follow the money?

It’s all about profits, perks, prestige and keeping one’s job!


In the beginning, before fluoridation, Aluminium, Steel and other metals processing, and, producers of Uranium and fertilizer products had two big problems from the fluoride gas emissions going up the smokestacks of their factories. Please read “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson for more background on this part of the fluoridation history!

First problem: They were facing huge lawsuits from townspeople, workers, ranchers, farmers and fruit growers who were being poisoned or whose crops and cattle were all dying or being made sick by the smokestack fluoride gas emissions.

Second problem: Being forced to collect the fluoride gas emissions in a process called wet scrubbing, they had to find a way to dispose of what was now an industrial toxic waste that could not be dumped anywhere in the ground or in any waterways and especially not in the ocean.

The answer came to these industrialists by way of water fluoridation. But how did they come to that solution? It was discovered that in some southern part of the U.S. a report had come to light that few dental patients had tooth decay, but that they also had pitted teeth and brown stains on their teeth. They were known then as mottled teeth. After some research, it was found that fluoride in the water, calcium fluoride (CaF2) in that case, was the cause of this condition. As a result of this finding, it was afterward called dental fluorosis

What was not mentioned was that the water also contained trace amounts of other minerals later found to be useful in reducing tooth decay. Also not mentioned: the patients being treated were those that could afford dental services, not the poor and the less well nourished people in the area. Nutrition, proper oral hygiene and genetic predispositions are the real factors that affect tooth decay. Lack of fluoride has never been proven to can an increase tooth decay, and fluoride ingestion has never been scientifically proven to reduce tooth decay. Claims that there are hundreds or thousands of studies and research that show that fluoride reduces tooth decay are disinformation at best and fraudulent at worse.

From this discovery, the industrialists thought up a way of getting proof that adding a fluoride chemical into the water supply could be good for preventing tooth decay. This would solve both of their problems. After all, if it’s good for teeth, it can’t be bad for health, ranchers, farmers, fruit growers and factory workers. They devised a ten year experiment where they would fluoridate four cities and keep another four non fluoridated for comparison. These came to be known as the fluoride trials.

Before even five years into this experiment, they declared the experiment a success and began fluoridating more and more cities everywhere in North America. They could now sell their industrial toxic waste at a profit to water treatment facilities as tooth medicine, ignoring the fact that this was an unethical medical use of the water supply: everybody gets medicated whether they need it or not, no choice, no medical oversight, no follow up for possible side effects or long term (chronic) adverse health effects.

Because these industrialists had a lot of money and influence, they were able to place their supporters in key government and professional association positions to help convince the people and the medical professionals that fluoridation worked, was good for children’s teeth and that it was a great medical achievement. What they did not reveal was that they had manipulated the data from their experiment to prove what they wanted to prove. They also hired the most prominent and successful advertising specialist of their time, Edward Bernays, to promote the water fluoridation scheme across the U.S. and Canada, and voilà! we have fluoridation.


Meanwhile, many people suffer from the adverse health effects of swallowing this fluoride, the negative ion of the element Fluorine, with every glass of water, and, with every gulp of juice or other beverage and every bite of food prepared with tap water. All foods, juices and beverages prepared with tap water will contain Fluoride in them. You also indirectly or sometimes directly swallow some fluoride with fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwashes and rinses, and whenever you get fluoride treatments at the dentist. But, fluoridation uses hydrofluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6)!

This hydrofluorosilicic acid that Ottawa puts in its tap water has no toxicology studies and no safety tests for use in tap water and invariably harms infants and children more than adults. It’s a water additive that is not used to treat water but to treat people, to treat tooth decay. Does that not then qualify it as tooth medicine?

Another problem with fluoridation is that it costs us money, lots of it. First we pay to have our water purified to make it drinkable. Then we pay to have this highly hazardous industrial toxic waste put into it. How stupid is that for an assumed benefit that does not exist? Many of us have to pay to purchase pure water to prevent health issues caused by having this toxic waste in our water. Then there’s the money many parents have to pay for repairing the damage done to the teeth of their children caused by the Fluoride in the water and every thing they eat, drink or wash with. The cost has been conservatively estimated to be as much as $20,000 by a reputable Toronto dentist: the dental profession supports fluoridation and could cause him to loose his licence to practice dentistry if he publicly speaks out against fluoridation. In the U.K. it has been estimated to cost approximately ₤35,000 for a lifetime of dental repair from dental fluorosis.

It is estimated that about 5% of the population have serious health complications from this fluoridation. That’s about 50,000 people in metro Ottawa. Is that fair? It is now well known by reputable scientific researchers and journalists that many health conditions are aggravated or even caused by swallowing fluoride chemicals with our water, food, beverages, health products and washing with it: dental and bone fluorosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, lowered IQ, diabetes, DNA harm, kidney failure, fertility problems and more. Here’s the bigger problem: the vast majority of people don’t know this and even many of those that you tell about this won’t believe you. So, we need to step up and make the change happen. We have the research, they don’t in spite of their claims that they do. We’ve asked for their research for decades and none has been given out. Just vacuous endorsements and empty endorsements. We know the truth! We need to spread the truth.


We need to get the City to stop putting any type of fluoride in our water. You need to write to your City Councillor and say that you want fluoridation stopped. It’s the dumping of an industry’s toxic waste passed off as tooth medicine that does not work. Most of them believe what our misinformed Medical Officer of Health tells them about fluoridation. They don’t realize what’s behind his statement that fluoridation is safe and effective. It’s only safe if you don’t swallow any of the fluoride and it’s only effective in causing or aggravating illnesses. We have to stop this dangerous, reckless, wasteful and useless practice that’s ruining many people’s health and helping to wreck our health budgets by putting an unnecessary extra burden on health costs. We need to make our protest loud and clear. We need to make this right! We need to do this starting now.

ADDENDUM: contributed by Alice, a fluoridation cessation advocate from Toronto.

Did you know that Ottawa public health officials don’t work for the Ottawa public? They work for the province.

Did you know that the province assumes, but legally lacks, the authority to cause adverse effects of fluoride to children?

Did you know that you cannot file a complaint about your provincial MLA or the Minister of Health and Long Term Care for giving false information about the safety and legality of fluoridation to your elected municipal reps?

Did you know that your elected municipal reps have all the liability for breaking the Safe Drinking Water Act, but no authority to hold the province accountable for advising them to break the law by fluoridating the water with HFSA?

Please write your Councillor about this today and once a month from now on.
Richard Hudon, President Fluoridation-Free Ottawa (on Facebook)

One more thing: Please donate $10, $20, $50, $100 or more to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa. Please go to our web site and click on the Donate button.

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I'm a webmaster, science researcher, mathematician and nutritionist who has beat the ravages of chemical sensitivities, especially the harm done to my health by fluoride substances, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.
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