Why Join the Fluoridation Cessation Revolution?

Join the revolution in Ottawa to help bring an end to putting industrial toxic waste in our tap water. It’s unregulated hydrofluorosilicic acid, is banned by the EPA as a contaminant and listed by Transport Canada as corrosive toxic waste. The city of Ottawa admits to using it on its own website here: http://ottawa.ca/en/env_water/water_sewer/water_wells/quality/facts/fluoride/#P32_3079

It’s important to understand that this *fluoride* is not a natural mineral, nor a pharmaceutical grade fluoride as we are often misled to believe by inference by our health bureaucrats. Instead, the *fluoride* chemical is the highly hazardous toxic waste from phosphate fertilizer industry that extracts the phosphate in the mining process that produces it.

It also contains arsenic, lead, mercury and other elements noxious to our health because they are not bio-available, as well as uranium238, polonium and other radioactive elements and passed off as *tooth medicine* given to us without our consent or medical follow up or dosage control: you can drink as much water as you like, with that acid in it.

Once it’s in the water it gets into everything we prepare, all that we cook, bake, and combine for our food and drink using tap water plus it gets in all processed and restaurant foods and beverages that use tap water: you just can’t escape swallowing it with whatever you eat and drink. If you live in, work in or visit the Ottawa area, you are drinking fluoridated water with every glass of water as well as every gulp of any beverage and every bite of food prepared with tap water that you swallow.

This solution of toxic waste is dumped into our water supply unpurified, unapproved and untested . It’s called *fluoride* that is now known to cause or aggravate all kinds of illnesses. See http://slweb.org/bibliography.html. Fluoride (the Fluorine ion) is carcinogenic and neurotoxic and causes or aggravates many other illnesses. We have the proof. Everyone needs to know this.

What’s odd and difficult to understand is that our water treatment plants purify the water from the source to make it drinkable, using various expensive filtration and chemical processes. Then once the water is purified, they add that highly hazardous, industrial toxic waste to it, the unpurified hydrofluorosilicic acid, that contains cancer causing and neurotoxic substances in it! Of course, it’s not how the medical bureaucrats present this! Check out the City’s *fluoride* web site page.

It’s sounds insane! but it’s true.

1) ask your neighbor if they know about the dangers of water fluoridation;
2) personally contact your Councillor and ask for their position on the issue;
3) send a short text to you councilor by email expressing your opposition.

You can use the information from the Second Look web site pages (slweb.org) below to help you compose short note to your Councillor after first announcing your objection. You will more than likely receive a “beautiful” but irrelevant marketing propaganda message provided by the Medical Officer of Health from the Ottawa Public Health office or one of his Officers. Don’t give up. Respond with more short notes pointing out the information you will find at slweb.org.

1) fluoride reduces IQ and increases Alzheimer’s: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#brain;
2) fluoride increases risk of bone cancer: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#cancer;
3) fluoride affects reproduction: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#reproductive;
4. fluoride and bone damage: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#bone;
5. fluoride and thyroid damage: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#thyroid;
6. fluoride and kidney damage: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#kidney;
7. fluoride and tooth decay: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#caries;
8. fluoride and immune system damage: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#immune;
9. fluoride and allergies: http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html#allergy
10 more… http://www.slweb.org/ and http://www.slweb.org/ftrc.html.

Want to do more? become an activist or advocate for cessation? Contact Rich.Hudon@ffo-olf.org or Bill Albrecht <bill.albrecht@sympatico.ca> or join our Fluoridation-Free Ottawa Facebook group, http://www.facebook.com/groups/FluoridationFreeOttawa/ or become my friend on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LilttleOldEagle and help bring an end to this absurd, contemptuous and deliberate medicating of Ottawa residents.

About fluoridationfree101

I'm a webmaster, science researcher, mathematician and nutritionist who has beat the ravages of chemical sensitivities, especially the harm done to my health by fluoride substances, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.
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