Fluoridation and Tooth Decay are not Complementary

When you add a fluoride substance to water you are putting medicine into it (http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/F-27/). It’s meant to fight tooth decay, so it’s imposed on everyone to prevent an illness, so it’s medication.

However, by doing so, you are denying people their right to informed consent about a medical substance about which they know absolutely nothing. You are also denying them the right to refuse the medication.

One real concern here is that the City is doing to everyone what an individual doctor can not do to even one single patient. This is then an ethical issue. They should not have the ability to force any patient to take medicine. If a doctor would even try to force medicate a patient, he could loose his license to practice medicine. Yet, in every fluoridated community, people are being forced to take medicine without their consent, without supervision, without monitoring the personal response and without follow-up for side effects. Does this make sense?

Tooth decay is not caused by a deficiency of any fluoride substance in our bodies. Tooth decay comes from eating westernized foods, processed foods, acidic foods, and too much sugar, that cause acidity to build up in the mouth which in turn attacks the enamel of the teeth, causing the teeth to decay.

Water fluoridation is the use of an unregulated, uncontrolled and untested product used as a drug. It is therefore not lawful to be used as a drug under the Canada Food and Drug Act. The Food and Drug Act defines drugs and Natural Health Products (NHPs) according to use. This bears repeating here. If a product is claimed to be used in the prevention, mitigation or treatment of disease, they are classified as drugs or NHPs (http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/F-27/).

Health Canada states in petitions (Petition #221, A #15 & -#16: http://www.oagbvg.
gc.ca/internet/English/pet_221_e_30308.html) and in recent (2010) letters that fluoride products used in artificial water fluoridation have never been regulated or approved by Health Canada. So, why are they promoting an unlawful use of this acid?

If you are someone who agrees that a fluoride substance is going to help them with your teeth, you should take the initiative to take fluoride substance tablets. However, there is no rationale for imposing the consumption of any fluoride substance on everyone just because you think it’s good for you or for everybody else. That’s a judgment call that no one should be allowed to make except in dire emergencies. It is simply common sense.

Tooth decay is not a dire emergency situation. It’s much more ethical and rational for an individual to take whatever fluoride substance amount he or she deems appropriate for their health. That way you can control the dose, you know exactly how much you’re getting. But let’s be reasonable here, don’t impose it on everybody else.

Any rational person must conclude that if you don’t have to swallow the stuff to get the benefit of less tooth decay and that there are some risks involved with swallowing too much, the last place you should put any fluoride substance is in the drinking water!

It’s time to put this dinosaur to rest.

For more information see these web sites: Fluoridation-Free Ottawa, Fluoride Action Network and SecondLook – Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride.


About fluoridationfree101

I'm a webmaster, science researcher, mathematician and nutritionist who has beat the ravages of chemical sensitivities, especially the harm done to my health by fluoride substances.
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